Mindful Yoga

The word Svastha in Sanskrit means ‘to stay as your Self’.  This refers to the optimum state of complete health and balance in both body an mind.  Based on the teachings of the legendary yogi of the last century, Sri Krishnamacharya, and the knowledge of classical yoga, Svastha Yoga offers structured, balanced classes. Each class incorporates elements of mindfulness and breath work is a central focus, while asana work builds strength and flexibility in the body.  You will work within your own individual capacity, and the core asanas (postures) taught are safe for all levels. Individual modifications will also be taught where appropriate. Feel yourself grow calmer, more focused, stronger and more flexible class by class.   

Join us for Mindful Yoga

When – Afternoon sessions on Zoom
Where – In the comfort and privacy of your own home
Prep – Your own mat and some floor space
Wear – Comfortable stretchy clothing you can move easily in
Cost – $15 / session drop in, or $50 / month (PayLah or PayNow)

To reserve your space or for more information, please email Deborah.

Mindful Yoga for Schools

Deborah teaches one-hour sessions to both small and large groups of children in schools (24 – 180 students) and combines core yoga movement with essential breath work. This session introduces children and teens to yoga in a fun, dynamic way. Children have the chance to experience mindful breath and body work to build flexibility, strength and balance both physically and mentally.

“We need to teach our children to be mindful of their bodies, feelings and thoughts so they know how to release stress, build confidence and resilience.”

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