A Mindful Practice

How are YOU feeling right now?


Life can get so busy and hectic.  Are you feeling over-stretched, anxious and stressed?  Too much to do and so little time to get it all done?  Or maybe you’re just feeling stuck? 

If you’re feeling the pressure now is a good time to take back control of your life.  If you’re ready for better focus, greater clarity and more happiness, then you’re here on this page with good reason.  It’s time to shake off the worry, fear and uncertainty and re-design your life.  It’s time to gift yourself happiness and a new zest for living!

Learn new methods and understand the science so you can take charge of your life and develop a mind which is calm, focused, alert and positive through  mindfulness.  Move your body, develop strength, flexibility and balance with Yoga.  

One-on-one or in group classes, join Deborah to create the life you want. 

“Get ready to dive in … now is the time to re-design your life!”