Meet Deborah Thurley

Founder of A Mindful Practice


“Mindfulness and yoga have been the bedrock for my wellbeing and happiness.  The mindfulness techniques keep me centred, balanced and calm in the middle of a hectic life, and the happiness, peace and enthusiasm that I wake up with is an affirmation that I am on the right track.  So now I am sharing and teaching what I have learned for myself:  how to create a life filled with love, happiness, peace, joy and appreciation.  Authoring your life through mindful practice is incredibly powerful, inspiring and wonderful.  I hope you will join me and discover for yourself.”

Deborah is a certified mindfulness teacher and consultant, and lectures in Mindfulness Psychology at The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore.  She delivers mindfulness workshops and programs to organisations, institutions, schools and individuals.

Deborah trained with Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre and is also a qualified SoulKids Mentor (life skills for children) with SoulCentre Academy.  As a certified Svastha Yoga Instructor she combines mindfulness and yoga for whole-body wellbeing for adults and teens.  Originally from a corporate sales and marketing background she is currently studying for her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. 

Deborah is an engaging, experienced instructor and her teaching style is clear and concise. She lives, works and celebrates in Singapore.

Guru and DT

“Deborah studied meditation with me using discipline and dedication.  She shone as a student, and made me proud as her teacher.  Now, as a meditation teacher herself, she brings her vast experience in meditation together with her love and support to her students in abundant measure.  Deborah is a wonderful teacher and I am certain she will enlighten many minds with happiness and joy! – Vikas Malkani, Founder of SoulCentre.


“I have so many blessings in my life and I am so grateful…”