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If anyone is feeling overwhelmed or needs a simple reset I can highly recommend Deborah’s meditation and mindfulness course…I did it last year and it has dramatically changed the way I view and deal with things in my everyday life. – Justine Blakeman

It was a great experience learning mindfulness meditation with Deborah, as it was my very first experience with meditation and I was surprised on how easy it was and how she had meticulously guided me though the process progressively. The stories she shared were simple yet they resonated very well with the different situations that people face in their daily lives. The classes were very focused and it helped me to develop a set of guideposts towards my personal wellbeing and how to deal mindfully with negative emotions, like anger, anxiety and disappointments. What I enjoyed most at the end of the lessons with her is to be able create the calming visual interludes in my mind to clear my seemingly innocent stream of consciousness that contains negative thoughts lurking in it, when I am dealing with difficult situations. Last of all, she inspired me to connect with a much kinder and wiser self through mindfulness.  Thank you Deborah, with graditude,    – Cadence Lim

I have attended Deborah’s Meditation Made Simple
TM  course twice and the second time was even more inspiring than the first.  It refreshed my mind on the simple yet brilliant techniques you can adopt in every day life to make the most of each day and to be as happy and positive a person as possible.  Deborah also teaches how to respond when life throws the inevitable googly our way.  Deborah’s calm, happy and caring demeanour is infectious and you leave each class feeling calmer, happier and more in control.  Thank you Deborah…I’ll be back.    – Rosie Thompson

Entering into a meditation course taken by Deborah Thurley, not only did I meet one of the most gentle and warmest ladies in my journey of life, but I also learnt how to take charge of my life and be more positive which leads to happiness.  Deborah taught us some techniques to be able to bring us to this stage; they are simple and enjoyable.  I would urge anyone to take this course to learn these life skills to help in everyday situations and help with your relationships and choices in life.  I would like to say a big thank you to Deborah for the enlightenment that the course has given me.  Amanda Buckland-McGowan

I use the techniques often and am finding myself much calmer particularly in stressful situations and have found it incredibly helpful.  Jennie Hughes

Before I started this course I read the testimonials and was a bit skeptical.  I thought Deborah CAN’T be that good? But now I’ve done the course I know that she really IS that good.   If you want a happier life, now, take this course and you’ll be on your way.  Enjoy! – Fran Boyd

It has taken me a couple of days to write this as I’m still digesting all your wonderful words and thoughts, but thank you for the brilliant sessions over these past two weeks.  I got more, over and above, what I was hoping to to get from the course.  I’ve been taking little steps along a breathing / energy / meditation / mindfulness journey for the past year or so and your course has been the perfect next step.  Actually one of the best things was realising that I have been moving in the ‘right’ direction on my own all this time but to be able to understand and put my own thoughts into context and a framework has been really helpful.  I’m thrilled with having learnt the actual meditation techniques too, and am finding them enormously helpful, especially the CYB technique which has made getting up every morning a truly joyful process as opposed to the tired, niggly start to the day that it was. – Selena

It all started 6 months ago with Meditation Made Simple and I can say with all my heart that these courses have truly been a life changer to me. Since then, my level of happiness has deepened and spread, I feel more grounded, grateful and in peace. Everyday, I religiously spare time to meditate and it allows me to start the day with a smile. I feel that happiness is progressively hardwiring in my brain and sense its positive impact in my life.  I’m very grateful the Universe put Deborah on my path. I immediately felt connected to her thanks to her good vibes and kindness. Not only that, I find Deborah very knowledgeable on the subject. She is a very talented teacher.  I’ve just finished Meditation In Action and look forward to the third set of courses.  Thank you Deborah.   – Juliette Genillard

Deborah Thurley is a vivacious, charismatic and extremely intelligent woman who is deeply committed to the empowerment of others.  A wife, mother, organizer, facilitator, friend and talented educator, she has the rare ability to allow others their freedom of expression whilst creating the necessary structure for the learning of new skills.  Deeply empathetic, but brimming with infections optimism and joy make Deborah a natural born leader.  Amanda Colliver, Singing teacher, Opera Singer, Song writer, Author

Deborah Thurley’s meditation techniques are a divine blend of her gentle, thoughtful voice, warm smile, and simple instruction that encourage a beautiful, well deserved awareness of oneself.  Her classes are always infused with just enough variety to keep one alert and interested.  Deb has worked with our Camp Magic crews now for the past three programs.  All the facilitators look forward to a time when they can sit with Deb and be treated to an hour of calm breath, that wonderful voice, and encouraging smiles.  – Katherine McLeod, Creative Director of Camp Magic

Deb was a wonderful teacher for meditation. Welcoming and warm, genuine and very giving. She helped me understand how the subconscious mind influences the way I see the world. It has genuinely changed the way I see things. I now can take steps to understanding my feelings, reactions and their causes and be the mahout. With the tools she gave me I can work towards being more empathetic, grateful.  Linden Furnell, singer-songwriter, actor, dancer

Deborah is one of the warmest people I know.  Her love for humanity and care for the individual is present in her smile, sound of her voice and sparkle in her eyes.  She sees you.  Time slows down.  She is here and now.  She shares her wisdom and you feel you have always known it, known her. – Carina and Bill Hickling

“Only a candle that’s lit can light another candle.”