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Deborah creates an extremely safe environment in which to practice yoga from beginner level to advanced.  Her clear language, intelligent modifications and deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology mean that you can move through the class being able to adapt to your body’s level with each exercise, with complete trust.  Her warm and generous disposition add to the nurturing environment she creates and, with her calming and gentle voice leading you through the meditation, you leave the class feeling very relaxed, focussed and spiritually uplifted. – Kelly Brimblecombe

I shall always remember my first lesson with Deborah!  She made it simple for me to follow the yoga steps (despite being nervous) as she seemed to follow you instead.  She is so gentle in her ways and subtle in her manner, and so talented in her technical skill of teaching that it is a surprise that you ache the next day and that you actually got a workout – from the core (not to mention the heart!).   I feel safe because Deborah is an amalgamation of skill, wisdom and humility, and she is so genuine that I leave strong and ready to face the real world!   I am so grateful our paths have crossed.
Tala Alamuddin

I can highly recommend working with Deborah. Her clear explanations and gentle directions will help focus you to achieve your goals. She has a very positive, inspiring energy which is both encouraging and motivational.
– Katherine Perry, Head of Year, Australian School

Deborah positively sparkles with positive energy. The first time I met her I thought to myself that I wanted some of whatever she is having! Part of that is her yoga. I came away from each session feeling lighter and brighter as well as becoming physically stronger and mentally calmer. During the classes, Deborah encourages students to take things at their own pace but at the same time pushes them within their limits to safely get the most out of each exercise.
– Nicola Bedford

Deborah Thurley is a vivacious, charismatic and extremely intelligent woman who is deeply committed to the empowerment of others.  A wife, mother, organizer, facilitator, friend and talented educator, she has the rare ability to allow others their freedom of expression whilst creating the necessary structure for the learning of new skills.  Deeply empathetic, but brimming with infections optimism and joy make Deborah a natural born leader.
Amanda Colliver, Singing teacher, Opera Singer, Song writer, Author

Weekly yoga with Deborah was my special time of the week – time to relax and focus in a beautifully serene environment.  Deborah very gently and subtly taught us yoga techniques that increased our flexibility, suppleness and strength of body and soul.  Her yoga knowledge and ability to pass it on was excellent.  Having left Singapore it is one of the main things I miss.  I highly recommend Deborah.
Sarah Denholm

Deb Thurley does yoga differently.  From the moment you arrive you feel transported into another space.  Her space becomes your space.  She has a natural ability to make you feel loved, safe and free.  Her classes are gentle.  Her meditations are relaxing, freeing your mind from the daily stresses of life.  Each time I attend I leave feeling like everything will be ok!
– Sealey Brandt, Photographer, Author

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