Life Skills for happy, confident kids!


SoulKids® is a specially designed for children aged 6 to 15. The program helps develop positive, balanced, self-assured and confident children.  Training techniques include games, play, teamwork exercises and experiential stories to develop a myriad of life skills.

Teaching techniques include positive self-talk, developing self-reference, connecting with the senses, nurturing stillness, building confidence, facing fears and learning team skills and classes are conducted in relevant age groups. The children get opportunities to connect with other children of different ages where they learn to work as a team, understand to lead and to follow, and work with people who are not like them.   Essential life skills such as independence, self-discipline, teamwork and self-awareness are imparted through story telling, role play, teamwork and leadership games.   It is fun and enjoyable, and children emerge with new leadership skills, enhanced confidence, and aware of their own potential.

SoulKids® is a powerful transformational program created by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre Academy.

“Attending SoulKids with Deborah was a truly positive experience for my son Sam. He learned how to be responsible for his own happiness and the course gave us the tools and vocabulary to talk about those skills and keep using them going forward as he grows.”  – Nicola Bedford

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“The children who experience a SoulKids program are alight with
confidence, happiness and a sense of personal achievement.
It’s humbling and inspiring to facilitate this program.”