Mindfulness & movement workshops for Teens

How to make a bad day GOOD!


Everyone loves good days – where everything flows, everything goes well and turns out the way you want.  But what about those days where everything seems to go against you and nothing works out?  Our kids have days like these too…

So let’s teach our teens how to make a bad day good!  

At this age their lives can be hectic and stressful as they struggle to cope with the pressure of school work, homework and exams on one hand, and the pressure of social media, fitting in, managing friendships and defining themselves as they grow up on the other.   

“How to Make a Bad Day GOOD” is a series of three one-hour workshops specifically designed to teach young people the techniques and skills they need to pull themselves out of a bad mood or feeling locked into a bad day, and how to make a bad day good.

The course is designed for young people aged 12 and above.  It offers practical techniques that are easy, quick and effective for students to use in their daily school and home life, developing resilience, flexibility, open-mindedness and a positive outlook.   It teaches awareness and focus through movement for wellbeing and incorporates yoga and breath work to build flexibility, strength and balance both mentally and physically.

“It’s never too early to start teaching our children to be
self-directed and responsible for the kind of day they are having”