Mindfulness for younger children

Workshops for younger children

ANNELISE IN TREEBased around a delightful original story featuring a very cheeky character and his friends, children learn how to cool down, calm down, relax and re-focus the mind through mindfulness activities and games designed especially for the young.  This workshop enables children as young as six to organically grasp techniques for re-focusing and rebalancing when life gets hectic and stressful.  The themes and techniques imbedded in the story and explored with the children include:

  • Breath work for quieting and calming the mind
  • Using your senses to refocus the mind on the present moment
  • Movement with awareness to bring the mind to a specific focus point determined by the child
  • The power of the spoken word; an exercise demonstrating  the impact of positive words on self and others.

The workshop is appropriate for younger children (6 – 9) as the content is presented as more playful for the younger children in a 30 minute session.

Suitable for schools, kindergartens, playgroups and families – an essential program for all kids everywhere.

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“Climbing, balancing, swinging, hands and feet feeling, eyes wide,
exhilarating and thrilling…jump down and repeat!”