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Meditation Made Simple™ teaches you how to train your mind, learn how to stay positive and calm when life gets tough, how to let go and move on and how to step out of unhappiness and into happiness, peace and celebration. Learn 8 easy, practical techniques to help you clear your thinking, become more present, lower your stress levels and increase your happiness and sense of wellbeing. Understand the science that lies behind meditation and mindfulness; learn about the latest research in neuroplasticity and how you can purposefully ‘rewire’ your brain to support new positive ways of living.

The course is taught in four sessions of 2 hours each (8 hours total).  The fee is $350 which includes two resource books and materials

One-on-one private coaching sessions are also available.

“Deborah studied meditation with me using discipline and dedication.  She shone as a student, and made me proud as her teacher.  Now, as a meditation teacher herself, she brings her vast experience in meditation together with her love and support to her students in abundant measure.  Deborah is a wonderful teacher and I am certain she will enlighten many minds with happiness and joy!” – Vikas Malkani, Founder of SoulCentre,