Meditation FAQs

What should I expect in the meditation course?

The meditation sessions deliver a unique blend of wisdom and techniques in a very practical way that makes total sense.   Every session progresses in a logical flow with each section building on the last. By the end of the course you will have a complete set of tools to help you navigate your life with optimism, resilience and balance, to help you create inner peace and happiness for yourself.

What’s in it, in terms of the content?

The course is built around 8 simple and highly effective meditation techniques, delivered in the context of ancient wisdom, stories and backed up by modern neuroscience research.

Does this have anything to do with mindfulness?

Mindfulness is part of meditation; the course will teach you how to be more mindful as you work, play and relax and how to bring your best self to each moment of your life.

Who typically comes on this meditation course?

Everyone…mums, dads, career men and women, corporate executives, grandparents, teens…and they all learn how to develop inner peace and happiness, resilience and stability, how to handle difficult situations, reduce stress and stay positive, calm and focused no matter what life throws at them. This course is truly for everyone as the information is so potent and relevant to the modern human experience of life.

How will it help me?

This course will help you by giving you a proven way of handling life with all its ups and downs, difficult or negative situations, stress and pressure.  It’s especially helpful if you feel:

  • Life is tough and wearing you down
  • The fun has gone and it’s all about stress and struggle
  • You feel overwhelmed and overworked and life is getting on top of you
  • You feel unappreciated and your sense of worth and value is diminished
  • You feel vaguely unhappy and unsatisfied, and you want more than this in life
  • Your mind is constantly spinning, always chattering, always busy
  • You want to be happier, more peaceful and less stressed, and to have a greater sense of well being.
  • You simply want a way to create a life that is happy, peaceful and joyful
  • You want to be even happier than you are right now!

Is it religious? Do I need any meditation experience?

It is completely non-religious, and you do not need to have any previous knowledge or experience of meditation.

How is the class set up and run?

The classes are small and relaxed and Deborah has a warm teaching style.   You will find there are many “aha” moments during the course so it is kept purposefully interactive – questions and feedback flow around the room. Dress comfortably and casually as you will be sitting on chairs, sofas and beanbags. Light refreshments are provided in the break.

Will I have to share personal information?

There is no expectation or requirement for you to share anything personal unless you wish to.

What do I need to bring with me?

A notebook and pen and an open curious mind.

How do I get more information or register for a course?

Simply drop an email to Deborah at [email protected]


“Life unfolds in all its celebration and glory, just waiting for us to be
mindful enough to notice.”